Project Description


FAMS provides cutting-edge, high-quality self bunded fuel and lubricant storage tanks. There are several design and size options available, depending on client requirements. Self bunded tanks are a portable, cost effective, simple to use, reliable fuel storage solutions. FAMS self bunded tanks provide mobility and ease of use, simply drop the tank at the site and operation can commence within hours, without  civil work.

The doubled walled tanks are manufactured from CORTEN steel which provides brilliant corrosion resistance and excellent welding capabilities.

A chain of self bunded tanks can be interconnected by constructing them in a modular manner. Numbers can be increased or reduced as necessary through flexible setup.


  • Hard standing, no cement or foundation requirements
  • Requires only a crane/ side lifter to lift and place tanks
  • Significantly reduces HSSE risks as all fabrication is done off-site
  • Easily movable and can be relocated quickly with no additional costs
  • Modular and quick number increase/ reduction
  • Reduces construction time
  • Avoid unnecessary costs
  • 5 Year warranty on the tank structure
  • 3 Year warranty on the paint under normal conditions


  • Tanks are self bunded/ double walled
  • Designed to fit on container footprint
  • Quality and vacuum tested
  • Container corner locks provided
  • Anti-syphon valve standard
  • Tanker hose filter with dust cover protection
  • Overfill protection, mechanical shutoff and alarm
  • Standard pump bay housing
  • Breather vents etc. supplied with dust filter fitting
  • Pressure/ vacuum vent in compartment container


Cube Storage Tank
FAMS Self Bunded Tank

FAMS, a turnkey fuel storage solution.